Pour le plaisir des yeux...

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Fan de la marque à la pomme voici juste une image du Iphone pour le plaisir des yeux.
Dans l'attente de le toucher et de s'en faire une vraie idée...Il y a une chose sur laquelle tout le  monde s'accordera, c'est une fois de plus son design et son interface...

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that's one of the best phone ever seen till now a days, thanks to the best designer from Apple. but one question that's makes me a bit worried about Iphone's futur, how much people are they welling to pay? or are the huge telecommunication companies gonna fight to give it as offre, never the less its gonna be a none wanted demande because of the high price!!! personnelly i want to have it, but i can not affored the price!!! well let's bumb it up and see what's US market gonna tell us about the selling evolution!!!!
Sure, it's a beatiful phone. But his price is more expensive, and with the technologie's evolution, in 3 monthes it will be old! There not GPS, and the futur phone generation is with GPS...So, it is a knew Apple's design performance, but I don't think his the phone of the year...Now, we can just wait to see and touch it...